Promise hangs after asking for Notification Permission

On iOS standalone SDK 25, my code does not execute after requesting the Notification permission. It seems as though the promise is hanging. This seems to only affect the “Notification” permission.

For example:

console.log('Before' )
notifications = await Permissions.askAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS)
console.log('After', notifications )

“Before” is logged and I get the iOS alerts but “After” does not get logged.

I saw this thread: but I believe this is something different (maybe related). Instead of the promise hanging on rejection, it seems to hang all the time.

Does adding the existingStatus check from the example on resolve it?

Sorry for the late reply! I just tried implementing the existingStatus check, but it is still having the same problem. If no one else is encountering the same thing, I’m thinking it might be because I’m using OneSignal. OneSignal has an event listener to get the Push Tokens. After getting permissions, the OneSignal listener fires, but then nothing executes afterward.

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