Problems during publishing

Hey all. 2 weeks ago I was having issues publishing my builds to my various release channels. It stopped being a problem last week but has seemed to start up again as of yesterday.

I have tried publishing from multiple computers with the same result. When publishing it just seems to hang indefinitely.

Is there something going on with publishing at the moment?

Hi! We’re not aware of any persistent issues with publishing. Could you provide some more detail about what errors you’re seeing?

That is part of the problem, we aren’t getting any in the form of errors, its more that the publish command simply hangs, like it is still trying to publish.

My automated build will get to the exp publish part, and will sometimes just not proceed. When publishing directly from my development machine it will sometimes work fine, and other times hang as well when publishing.

I cannot find a pattern to why it hangs and sometimes works. I did not see anything like this since January when development began, but starting a couple of weeks ago this has become a problem more and more.

I added the export EXPO_DEBUG=true to my build and still did not see anything worthwhile when it hangs.

It does seem like it happens much more often via my automated build (via bitbucket pipelines) than from my development machine, but unsure why that would matter.

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