Private expo snack?

Wondering if is possible or any plans or just hints to use Snack privately? I just want to hack through creating my app on Snack than dealing with installation (actually running into trouble on work computer). It would be awesome if one could create a private snack.


Until you save, anything you do in snack won’t be visible to anyone else, but saved snacks are public by design. We hope that Snack can be a place were someone newer to the ecosystems can come and learn from the projects you have created.

What issues do you run into when installing on your work machine?

Thanks Thetc! Yeah, I see the awesomeness of Snack and understand why it is that way. I’m getting the following but I believe it to be (looking at logs) to be something caused by my company’s ecosystem…

akaruna ~ $ npm i -g exp
npm ERR! cb() never called!
npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:
npm ERR!

I don’t know a lot npm/node… is there any library that allows full isolated installs (like for ruby there is ruby-env/rvm)? (basically short of setting up a separate vm). I dont really want to mess with my work computer but unfortunately, being on-call its the one I carry around.

npm i(nstall) generally installs things in the same project where you ran the command, but with -g it install a global package, usually to provide a command line tool.

I might check your npm version and search in the linked npm issues.

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