Internal server error in


i am trying to download the project from the snack to my local drive , but landing on an error page "Internal Server Error "

Hey @shafhad, is this happening with any Snack project or is it specific to the one you posted a screenshot of?


Hi @adamjnav i am facing this issue with this specific project only , i can download other projects , i have tried different browsers different network tried in friends expo account but same error .

Hey @adamjnav still facing the same issue

can you share the link to it please?

@notbrent here is the link - fit_student_project_1 - Snack


passed that along to folks that work on snack!

We’ve found the problem and fixed it! The download should now work correctly :+1:

Yes @ijzerenhein its getting downloaded now thank you very much , i would like to know the solution for the same for future reference .

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