Priority builds for our team

I use expo in a small team of 3 people, working on the same project. To speed up our builds I bought a Priority plan which should include “Prioritized build infrastructure” and “Team features”. My builds are always build quickly, but the other two team mates’ builds of the same project get often queued up. Is that a configuration mistake or do all members need to pay for priority builds?

Hi, did you add owner field in your app json?

No, is it supposed to be my expo username? Does it matter if it’s the paid member of the team or unpaid?

I’m not 100% sure, I didn’t work with teams much.
Paid user projects have priority builds, but your team projects don’t, but if one of your teammates builds your project it will be a priority build.

Project name looks like this @username/slug so if one of your teammates builds application it’s @user1/appname and it’s not a priority, but if owner field will be set, project name would be @zdenek/appname and should be a priority build

Yes owner should be set you your username

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