Preserve static html files in a folder outside the bundle.js file in web

Hi all,

I am new to expo and I am running into a problem that I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on. Essentially my problem is this, my app uses a third party library which renders a bunch of stuff to an html canvas inside an Iframe that it generates. The Iframe src is an html file at a specific path in the library, however whenever I include this library in my expo app the build process always bundles it into the bundle.js file which makes it unable to be targeted by the iframe. I know I could just put a copy of the library into the “web” public folder but this solution is far from ideal. The correct solution it seems to me would be to configure app.json in some way that the necessary path gets copied to the static folder in the build. I looked at the app.json docs but can’t find anything like this. Any help is greatly appreciated!


I think you’re looking for this:

and this:

The webpack plugin was exactly what I needed, thank you kind sir!

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