persistent notification / status tray icon

I’m building a navigation app. I’d like to show (somehow) an icon/notification when the navigation is running - e.g. the same way Waze does. I didn’t see anything in documentation about “persistent notifications”.

Here is related question on SO without an appropriate answer:

Here is the same question on Reddit also no answer:

Here is documentation for notifications “ongoing” flag, that Android supports, which is practically it:

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been pointed towards “foreground service” on Android. Not sure, if there is iOS alternative.

Asked but not answered here:

Hello All,
I’m Using an Expo Audio API. I want to show player controls when my app is in the foreground mode and playing Audio. The player controls should persist as long as my app is not killed.
Any workaround for the same?

I feel like making a ForegroundService similar to the one used in expo-location would solve a ton of problems. Any updates on this front?