Handling Push Notifications

I want to show a modal containing the notification data when the app is running(foreground).
In my RootNavigator i have a method attached to the Notification Subscription which sets the state of the hasNotification then i render based on the state of the hasNotification state.

render() {
    return this.state.hasNotification ? (
    ) : (
      <AppNavigator />

However, this redirects the user to the RootScreen after receiving the notification.
What am i doing wrong.

@norris1z hi! Welcome to Expo and thanks for the question.

If I understand your intent correctly. Your current code should not unmount AppNavigator. For a modal you can just render it nested in another view.

This documentation should be able to help you: https://reactnavigation.org/docs/en/custom-navigators.html#createnavigator

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