Permissions, and the difference between Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS and REMOTE_NOTIFICATIONS?

I don’t find REMOTE_NOTIFICATIONS in the docs, but it turns up a lot in discussion online.

Docs say NOTIFICATIONS is "The permission type for local and push notifications."

On permissions in the app stores

To be sure I’m clear, in Android we do need to specify permissions we want in app.json, but Notifications does not need to be specified.

In Apple, the app will ask for permission when/if needed, and it does not need to go into app.json. We may, however, want to give more specific reasons about the permissions we’ll ask for using the info.plist key.

Apple requires an explanation for how your app makes use of that data. Expo will automatically provide a boilerplate reason for you

Is this based on detecting what we ask permission for in the code or what?


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Discussions online often are dated and refer to older SDKs or deprecated APIs – see the latest docs (or the docs for your SDK version) for more relevant specifics.

Currently Expo doesn’t look at your JS to determine what permissions to enable in the native app. The app.json fields configure the APK/IPA, while the JS makes runtime calls to the native APIs.