Does Expo Notifications require additional user permissions?

SDK Version: 41
Platforms: iOS / all

Hey all! We’d like to provide notifications in our app, only as React UI, not as system notifications or popups or alerts. The Notifications API seems like an obvious place to start, but I’m wondering if we need to get the users to allow notifications Permission? Again we only want to update the UI with new data from the notifications, we do not want to ping the user when they’re not in the app, nor do we want to hook into any system level dialogs, popups, etc

Is the Notifications API appropriate for this use case? Will the users need to grant Notifications permission to our app on the OS level?


I would, personally, use a custom solution and not use the Notifications API for this.
You can easily do something like this using a Redux ( or similar ) store and handle global states.

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