Performance monitor missing with new SK37 dev menu

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

When I open the new dev menu on SDK 37, I don’t see the “Performance monitor”, which should be there.

I have

  • Reload

  • Copy link to clipboard

  • Go to Home

  • Disable Fast Refresh

  • Debug Remote JS

  • Show Element Inspector

Looking at this Screenshot from the blog post*vdANJd_iJw8vxsrscB7B8g.png

It should be there. This has been a very important tool for me and now its gone?

I reinstalled Expo, then I could see the performance monitor. I tapped on it, Expo crashed and now the menu entry is gone again. Whats wrong here? Any thoughts @notbrent ?

It happens on iOS

@ijzerenhein shipped a fix for this to react-native in - it broke on ios 13.4 - and we will be releasing a new version of expo client with this fix soon, maybe next week.

Thank you very much!

Will that update only include the upstream fix from react-native? It would be AWESOME when you guys could use this “out-of-plan” release for an updated version from react-native-screens (v.2.6.0 coming soon).

It includes:

  • An important fix for androids header (which is cutted off and fixed in 2.4.0, so pretty unusable right now with 2.2.0)
  • Brings headerLeft and headerCenter and headerTitle support for iOS (which currently only has support for headerRight on native-stack, which is pretty useless for a full UX/UI)
  • Fix a deadlock

I know I am pestering a lot with react-native-screens and I hope u wont get upset, I was just hoping to address this quickly, since there is an out-of-plan bugfix release, which could help fixing other bugs). Thank you @notbrent

No further feedback on my question?

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