Peer Dependencies Issues and updates, in Expo, React Native, React, ...

For a newby like me, this is the most problematic topic. Components are updated so regularly without maintaining backward compatibility somehow that nearly all tutorials don’t work. For instance if I want to use the 2d flappy bird game example: I can’t. Is there some way how to deal with this? How can I learn the language and actually try out these examples. Anyone any generic way or reference to a tutorial how to deal with peer dependency stress? Without setting older versions of the environment and do stuff that people recommend against. Sorry for this generic topic. Am newby.

Hey @dennisdsx,

Are you referring to old projects and tutorials running on SDK versions that are no longer supported? If so, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. I would look at the Snacks embedded in our docs for more up-to-date examples of the APIs in use.



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