pedometer in IOS devices

hey everyone,
i developed an android application using expo and i have used an Pedometer API in it.
It works well in android device, when the API is called, its asking me a google account to sign in (bcoz i provided a Google OAuth Client ID stuff) and its working fine.
my doubt is , API is accessing the Step Count using FIT api’s for android.
is it possible that we can similarly use this in IOS devices ,
if not how can we use it in IOS devices, is it necessary that a google account needs to be signed in in the IOS device for it to run ?
or how ? please help me
thank you in advance

Hi @hmadugula. I’m not sure I fully understand your question. Our pedometer api uses Core Motion on iOS, so you shouldn’t need a Google account when using it there.

hello @jesse ,
i meant, while we create those credentials on the, we have an option to select “on which platform the device is going to be used” like android , IOS, Web App or kinda stuff, so i was wondering if there might be a way to make it run on IOS devices with google account.

No, we don’t support that and I’m not sure that API exists. If you can find that API in Apple or Google’s docs you could add a feature request for us to support it.

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