Pedometer - Already managing a googleapiclient with id 0 react native (again)

This is a duplicate of the following two issues (which have been closed so I can’t reply):

There isn’t much to add to what these issues already point out.

Steps to replicate

  1. Use an android device
  2. Create a Pedometer app using the documentation code
  3. Start your app via the Expo app on the android device
  4. Make a change to your code and save - the app will reload on your phone
  5. The error will appear

Additional info

  • Error code: Already managing a GoogleApiClient with id 0
  • Only happens on Android phones
  • Only happens when using the expo client. Works the first time, then when you save the client reloads the app on the phone and the error occurs
  • I’m using a Xiaomi Note 5A
  • Closing and reopening the app on my phone will solve this (i.e. this is only a development bug, but a frustrating one)

Any pointers to overcome this would be great

bumping this so it doesn’t auto-close

Hey @copple,

We are going to be doing an extensive audit of the SDK following the release of SDK31. Do you think you could create a github issue here Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with all the relevant details you have?



Sure thing Adam, thanks for your follow up (+ the great framework)

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