Open iOS main settings

Hi there,

I’ve been asking Google many ways but I still couldn’t find a way to open the iOS main page settings from an app.
I Linking.openURL('app-settings:') everywhere, which open the app settings, but how can I open the iOS settings ??



Some googling lead me to several posts giving possible URLs to use. I tried out some of them and for some reason could only get to the main settings, even when trying to get to e.g. the WIFI settings etc. However, there were also warnings:

e.g., this Stack Overflow answer:

Just so it’s explicit: Apple does not allow this. It’s possible your app will make it through anyway, but this is the same as using any other undocumented API.

Here is the full list of supported Apple URL schemes.

Here’s a thread where Apple confirms that “any Apple URL schemes that are not officially documented should be considered private API.”

And this Gist which has a long list of URLs for different things:

Apple will reject apps that are using private url schemes (Ugh, Apple…) if they are pretty much obvius. Some apps are rejected and others are not, so, be aware of this issue before implementing any of those URL’s in your app as a feature.

Geeat, I didn’t find thoses resources, thanks ! So to go to the main settings, the url is App-prefs:, good enough for me

It seems so, but don’t blame me if Apple rejects your app when you submit it! :laughing::cry:

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