open external third party app from expo custom app

Hello, I need to launch a third party application (Garmin Connect) from an app that I’m developing using Expo SDK v.45.0.0
I will have to do that on android and iOs, but now I’m focused on android.
I’ve tried the following code, without success, because that code opens a Notification settings screen.
Is there a way to do that?
Thank you.

  IntentLauncher.startActivityAsync('android.intent.action.MAIN', {flags:268435456, packageName: ''})
        .then(result => {

          console.log("startActivityAsync result: ", result)
        .catch(err => {

          console.log("startActivityAsync error: ", err)

Just in case someone else needs to do that, I used the method SendIntentAndroid.openApp() from the react-native-send-intent package.
I had to build a dev-client to test it, but it works.

import SendIntentAndroid from 'react-native-send-intent';

SendIntentAndroid.openApp("", {})
    .then((result:boolean) => {

      console.log('app launched:', result)
      return result
    .catch((err: any) => {

      console.log('error launching application:', err)
      return err

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