Notifications after building stand alone for app store apk

So, I don’t feel comfortable using expo HTTP post for my stand alone app store app after I build with
exp build:android

The expo HTTP post notifications wouldn’t work anyway like this right?

But I use azure notification hub with GMS, this should work fine right. I would think that’s the way most people do it and only use the http post when on the expo xde.

Strange I don’t seem to be getting the GMS notifications after I build for android and install the .apk. The test send says it’s sent successfully, but I don’t see the notification appear and notifications are on.

Just want to make sure there’s nothing stopping it in an expo build

Seems it’s similar to this:

But I wasn’t sure what to add to my message I’m sending. To be clear, when it’s stand alone I won’t have the relay on the expo servers for anything, in case the expo servers go down

When the Android client received a GCM or FCM payload, it expects the data to be in a specific format, which is an implementation detail. This is alluded to in the link you posted. So that could be why the notification doesn’t look like it’s showing up.

I tried before but it didn’t work, is it something like:
{“data”:{ experienceId: “123”,
title: “test”,
message: “test”,
body: {},}}

What do I put for experienceId? what about body? Sorry, I should maybe look it up more, but I’m in a rush and I’m the backend dev trying to get this to work.

Ok, so for anyone looking at this my dev got it to work with:
“to” : “DEVICE_TOKEN”,
“collapse_key” : “type_a”,
“notification” : {
“body” : “First Notification”,
“title”: “Collapsing A”
“data” : {
“body” : “First Notification”,
“title”: “Collapsing A”,
“key_1” : “Data for key one”,
“key_2” : “Hellowww”

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