Notifications.addListener not firing on iOS. Android works fine.


basicly i have the same issue as Notifications.addListener not firing

My Notifications.addListener is not firing on iOS in foreground but i recieve every push when the app is in background. When the app is in background and i click on the push notification, the Notifications.addListener is also not firing. This is only happening on my iOS device. With android everthing works fine.

Any help would be appreciate.

which sdk version are you using? when did you run the standalone build?

I‘m using sdk Version 28 and havent run a stand alone build yet. Only deploying / testing with the Expo App on both devices.

can you share any code?

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hello! I confirmed this is a bug in expo client on ios, it should work as expected in standalone apps though. I pinged some folks to investigate


glad to find out i’m not alone to face this issue. I was getting mad about searching for a solution for many hours.


Hi @mhacker @om1 - this was a server issue on our end. It should be working now. Really sorry for the trouble!

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