Expo Push Notification ios problem


Expo push notification works on android well, but on ios it does not work. I m testing on real device not simulator. when I track the logs, I figure notification.addListener not working on ios out. is there any opinion or solution about it??

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I am experiencing the same thing as well.

On iOS, my listener receives the notifications and I can see the data I put in the POST request. That is working fine but I do not get the physical notification in the system tray or anything. No sound plays or anything.

On Android, everything works and I physically see the notifications in my tray, hear the notification sound, etc.

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Thanks for the clarifications. I now see where it specifies iOS’s behavior in the documentation. I did allow permissions for notifications and I have checked it in iOS’s settings as well.

So when the app is foregrounded in iOS, it does not even show as a temporary notification or play a sound?

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You should be getting notified, then you can do a custom (better :smirk:) one in app.
Also look into this: Expo.Notifications.scheduleLocalNotificationAsync(localNotification, schedulingOptions)

I forgot to answer your question, no.

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Thanks a bunch man, especially for the link. I would’ve been stuck on just the Push Notifications docs trying to figure things out.

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Hello everyone! This problem is occurring on my IOS device(real-life,
I’m using the expo notification service - push notification), the operating system version is 12.

It does not show temporary notification with the application in the foreground, only when minimized or closed. I tested the solution mentioned “Expo.Notifications.scheduleLocalNotificationAsync” and the result is the same, the notification is only shown if the application is not in the foreground.

My application receives a push notification and the user clicks on a given push received to view the data of that push, the problem is if the user is with the application open, it will not receive the notification on the screen.

I found a project in the snack and test it on my device and the result is the same as it was reported. Is there any solution to show the push with the foreground app just like Android? I’m sorry for my English.