Noob struggling to include one Native module

So I’m a complete noob here, I started with CRNA and then when I wanted to include one Native module I went down the rabbit hole of “ejecting” just to get this one thing working. But no matter, I wanted to play with native code at some point any ways.

So I get this when using the Expo XDE to open my project on my attached phone (I’ve confirmed its running by using adb devices where I see it listed)


I did what it said and proceeded to open the android project in Android Studio 2 and manually build which went fine except that I get this…

Execution failed for task ':app:exponentPrebuildStep'. Process 'command './.expo-source/android/detach-scripts/'' finished with non-zero exit value 127

Suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.

I had a similar problem with ./node_modules/expokit/detach-scripts/ Turns out I was running the old exp and not expo cli. Try running the sh file in terminal and see what errors you get.