Exp detach didnot produce "android" native project?

I am trying to detach expo project but android native project didn’t created.

can you paste in what steps you took and what the directory structure is like now?

I follow instruction from here,

I tried to detach expo from the project I get ios directory which have native ios project but some files are missing e.g according to expo doc detach process we need to run ./pod-install-exponent.sh from ios project directory but ./pod-install-exponent.sh is missing after detach and also there is no android native project created I did add android package in expo.json.I Tested detach process 3 times but unable to have /android directory and there is no error shown in terminal.

Hi, can you update to SDK 15 and try detaching from there? The instructions have changed slightly.


using sdk 15 and following same guidlines

Is your project on github or anywhere else online? It would be good if we can look at the configuration to see if something went wrong.