New important flags on build:ios

as of: exp@49.2.2 build:ios now exposes several new flags to help you be more productive.

  -e, --apple-enterprise-account       Run as Apple Enterprise account
    --revoke-apple-dist-certs            Revoke distribution certs on before attempting to make new certs, must use with -c
    --revoke-apple-push-certs            Revoke push certs on before attempting to make new certs, must use with -c
    --revoke-apple-provisioning-profile  Revoke provisioning profile on, must use with -c

These flags will let you interactively choose which certs to revoke right from the CLI, no need to open up These are powerful flags, note that once you revoke from Apple then the file is gone. Use with care.

Run as enterprise is a flag that will create enterprise, in house versions of certs. This should fix some people’s issues about not being on the right team, or other confusing authorization messages.

Revoking provisioning profile sometimes gives 757: unexpected token at 'Bad Request, that’s something to be investigated & fixed later.

As a side note, this version also fixes some issues for Windows users.


I’m experiencing this right now as well (757: unexpected token at 'Bad Request) - Did you ever find a solution?

I’m trying to download and use a distribution certificate which was previously generated by expo.
When I try and upload it in the exp tool it’s asking for a password. How do I find this?
I tried using the same as the itunes developer account but that didn’t work.

Just to say, the thing that finally fixed my iOS build problem was following the instructions here:

I kept either running out of distribution certificates if I “let expo manage the process” or having failed builds if I tried to manually reuse the distribution certificate from another build.

Making the p12 certificate manually and uploading it seemed to work.

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