Need help identifying error when building standalone app

building and signing IPA
[03:59:33] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[03:59:33] Starting 'ios:build-and-sign-ipa'...
provisioning profile copied to home directory
done retrieving provisioning profile data
checking if teamID is present in keychain and that certificate is valid...
[stderr] [03:59:36] 'ios:build-and-sign-ipa' errored after 2.6 s
[stderr] [03:59:36] Error: codesign ident not present in find-identity: 8E18251574657F4A3EEA63E1A75C343335F4523C
[stderr] Looking for identities matching "(XXXXXXXXXX)"
[stderr]      0 valid identities found
[stderr]     at Object.<anonymous> (/xdl@49.2.0/src/detach/IosUtils.js:16:11)
[stderr]     at (<anonymous>)
[stderr]     at step (/usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosUtils.js:206:191)
[stderr]     at /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/node_modules/xdl/build/detach/IosUtils.js:206:361
[stderr]     at <anonymous>
unable to build and sign IPA

I’m getting this error during IPA build, can anyone help me identify what I did wrong?

Here’s the app.json:

  "expo": {
    "sdkVersion": "27.0.0",
    "name": "WAMS",
    "description": "This is a test publish",
    "slug": "WAMS",
    "privacy": "public",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "orientation": "portrait",
    "icon": "./assets/images/icon.png",
    "ios": {
      "supportsTablet": true,
      "bundleIdentifier": "com.CBN.WAMS"
    "android": {
      "package": "com.CBN.WAMS"

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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