Mysterious logouts, probably because iOS 15 prewarming

SDK Version: 43
Platform: iOS 15

Since iOS 15 we get more and more requests from users. All reporting that they have to re-login with every app start. They got logged out mysteriously. Probably the reason for it, is the new prewarming feature from iOS 15, which pre load some app stuff before the user may load it. During that prewarming the login credtionals seems to get lost and when the user really starts the app, he will be logged out. During the app is still in memory, it doesn’t seems to happen.
We cannot really reproduce it yet, but using the app over days, it happen quite often, which wasn’t before iOS 15 and still working correctly on android.
Does anybody has seen the same effects or have some more information about it how to probably catch this?
Thanks for any hints.

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