Missing assets in IOS Build

Hi, I’m using EAS to build an IOS app using managed workflow. My assets correctly display in the simulator, but they don’t display in code built in EAS.

My assets directory is in the same directory as App.json.
“assetBundlePatterns”: [

The ICON does appear in my splash screen.

I’m running SDK version 40.

Hey @debownor66, we don’t officially support managed eas builds at the moment. We recommend continuing to use expo build until we do.


@debownor66 a quick work around is to run expo publish immediately after an EAS build and deploy - assets then load as expected

can you or op share a project that reproduces this? definitely should not be necessary to publish the project because the assets are bundled already with the binary

I’ve recently been battling this - a bundled asset just will not load on a production iOS build (eas build --platform ios) until I do an expo publish --target bare.

Android is absolutely fine, iOS Simulators are fine, Expo Go is fine, just IPAs uploaded to the Apple App Store don’t load images from bundled assets.

I have one project under Expo at the moment - if you can view it then feel free to use that, otherwise I’ll try and throw a test project together

i’d love to see a test project that can reproduce this, it’d be incredibly helpful!

@notbrent I’m not sure if you still need a reproduction case, I might be able to get you something privately but I’m still seeing this issue on v42 with EAS builds. Android works correctly, and iOS simulators and dev clients seem to work as expected, but for published iOS builds there aren’t any assets I’m providing besides the splash and app icon (which are in the same directory as my other assets). A separate publish command does later resolve the issue, but would rather not need that. Would greatly appreciate any help :).

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possibly an issue with your app entry or metro config. please share a minimal reproducible example and i can help you find the root cause in your case

@notbrent let me know if you are still looking to see a project for this. Currently have this issue.

sure, you can share your project with me on github: brentvatne

the issue is likely that you have a metro.config.js that does not extend the @expo/metro-config. you need to follow these instructions: Customizing Metro - Expo Documentation

we’re adding validation to eas-cli for this because it is tripping up a good number of people :slight_smile: and longer term, we’ll just make sure every config extends the correct base config by default.


Thanks for update and quick reply, Really helpful and thankful for me.

We are having the same problem, and have to publish the app after we have built it. Does anyone know a fix for this?

you need to share some info about your app. see Missing assets in IOS Build - #10 by brents