Metro bundler crashes when running Android

I am on Windows 10 using v30 with the latest Expo CLI. I have detached my project recently and I am having some serious issues with Metro Bundler crashing. The exact error I’m getting is “Metro Bundler failed to start. (code: EPERM).”

This error occurs whenever I build or run the project from within Android studio or when the app is launched. I am 100% sure that there is no issue with the actual code in the project as I managed to get it to launch once without having Metro Bundler crash and everything seemed to be running fine.

Right now the flow is as follows

  1. Run “expo start -c”
  2. Run in Android Studio
  3. Metro Bundler crashes instantly
  4. App finishes building, launches on connected device
  5. App asks if I have Expo running because Metro Bundler already crashed the instant I hit run in Android Studio

I have gone as far as deleting the build folder in the Android project and changed the permissions to be very loose for the entire build directory thinking that it may be related to file permission issues via the EPERM error, but I have not had any success. I’m sure it has to do with subsequent builds deleteing/recreating files.

Additionally I’ve done a fresh boot with nothing else running except Expo and Android Studio to eliminate the possibility that an application like a Git client would also be tampering with the same files. I never experienced this issue before detaching.

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