MapView only shows google logo in a blank screen

MapView only renders a blank screen with the google logo at the bottom. Maps for Android SDK is enabled, SHA-1 and package name are all added, also, api key is imported to the app.json file.

Here’s my app.json:
“android”: {
“googleServicesFile”: “./google-services.json”,
“adaptiveIcon”: {
“foregroundImage”: “./assets/app_logo.png”,
“backgroundColor”: “#FFFFFF
“package”: “package_name”,
“icon”: “./assets/app_logo.png”,
“userInterfaceStyle”: “automatic”,
“config”: {
“googleMaps”: {
“apiKey”: “API KEY”

Here’s how i call MapView: import MapView, { Circle, Marker, PROVIDER_GOOGLE } from “react-native-maps”;
latitude: lat,
longitude: long,
latitudeDelta: 0.008,
longitudeDelta: 0.008,

My apk build is a preview, its not development. Any help is really appreciated.
Edit: Just tested in development, same thing, blank screen with the logo at the boottom. Also used static lat and long values, same thing.

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