Google Maps not showing once built

Hello, I’ve an issue with the google maps. I strongly followed the guide to configure GMap for Android.

My API key from Google Cloud is in the app.json at the right place, GMap API and billing are enabled for the project, the API key contains the SHA-1 from Play Store and is setup for Android device. In the end, no map is showing once the app is built. Of course it works in Expo because we enjoy the expo google map api key or something like that.

A grey background with “Google”, the zoom buttons and the marker are shown but there is no map behind. I googled it multiple times, re-read the guide and so on but I’m really stuck and have no more ideas to troubleshoot…

Any idea to figure out ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, did you managed to solve this? I’m having the same issue, fun fact: it works on iOS on TestFlight, but on android only shows Google logo and all the map is grey.

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I’m also hitting this but for iOS devices; Android & simulator appear to work fine

@goformeal @hernancasillas turns out it’s user error. You need to enable the correct SDKs for the project - namely Maps SDK for iOS and Maps SDK for Android!

Once enabled, grey screens immediately go away.

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