Local notifications with background fetch trouble

I have some questions about local notifications with background fetch.

I have successfully implemented background fetch with notifications (expo-notifications).

When I simulate it with expo app everything works, but apk build doesnt. It seems notifications stop working after couple of minutes when app is in background (killed by system?).

My flow:

  1. Notifications.setNotificationHandler (outside Component)
  2. registerForPushNotificationsAsync + addNotificationReceivedListener (componentdidmount)
  3. Create task + register task (componentdidmount)

I have 60s interval in created task in where I call function that connect to WS (not REST). The function returns some informations, I parse them and when condition is satisfy, code calls schedulePushNotification (inside component). This operations use STATE and I am asking to you: It is correct? It is possible use STATE in backgroundfetch? Do I something wrong? Why it doesnt work with apk?

Thank you.

Hello, I have the same problem, but still can not solve