Create local notification while app is inactive

Hi there!

I know that Expo does not work when the app is inactive, so I am going to assume that I cannot create a local notification while inactive. How could I do some kind of workaround for this? Should I detach it, or can I do some work around?

I can describe my issue:
I am creating an app where you can follow sports games, and I want the user to be able to subscribe to a certain game, and then get push notifications when a team makes a goal.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cronnay! You’re correct that there’s no way to do background processing in the app while the app is backgrounded, but in your scenario it sounds like you want push notifications. The way you’d normally build this is by having the phone register with a server when the user wants to subscribe to a game, and then send push notifications from the server to that phone. Doing that will work with Expo!

Hi @jesse
Are you sure, though? Because currently I don’t have a server that process if a goal comes in or not, it is the app itself that does it currently. So if its backgrounded, I cannot do requests to this sport service and cannot get the incoming goals.
So correct me if I’m wrong, that ain’t possible for now? But if it would’ve gone through a server, that wouldn’t be a problem?

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