Linking to my React Native Expo app


I would like either the browser, another app or my node.js back-end to open the app.

  1. I’m trying to use this link (exp:// and Expo opens but says my app can’t be found or something along those lines.

This is what I use for testing through my app:

  1. if I need to open the app through my node.js, will res.redirect(“exp://”) work?

The docs weren’t very clear to me, so wanted to ask here before going back into the docs and trying further :slight_smile:

I think I got it figured out… I didn’t have the correct app address…
So just doing res.redirect(“exp://”) or something similar works…

My concern now, what is the address in production? is it given by the App store?


ahhh need to use Linking.makeUrl()…

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Making our job easy with these self-answered posts. :clap:

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