Deploying on Github pages

Hello, I’ve started a project from the “awesome-expo-web-page” template.

My useLinking is:

import { useLinking } from "@react-navigation/native";
import { Linking } from "expo";

export default function (containerRef) {
  return useLinking(containerRef, {
    prefixes: [Linking.makeUrl("/")],
    config: {
      Main: {
        path: "root",
        screens: {
          Map: "map",
          ShopsNavigator: "shops",

It works well while debugging. The problem comes when i try to publish it on Github Pages. The base url is but whenever the url is update, for example when navigating to map the url become instead of and of course the refresh doesn’t work.

Do any of you know a possible workaround to this problem? Is it possible that this misconfiguration cause the app to still not load the page when going to manually?


no one?

its an good idea, what you say

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What you guys think?


Nobody seems to care, I guess we should close this

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