Keep XDE local server alive

Hi everybody


I am new to Expo and React native.

I have started developing react native apps with XDE tools and I am sharing the app using a local server run with exp Command-Line Interface.

$ exp start --no-dev --no-strict --minify

I have no problem in opening the app in Expo client while the server is running.

I want to give everyone that has the Qr code, the opportunity to access the app whenever they want.

In order to achieve that I have detached the exp command from tty on my server.

$ nohup exp start --no-dev --no-strict --minify


It works pretty well, but after some hours, for unknown reason, the process is killed and I cannot reach the server from expo client anymore.

I think It could be a sort of timeout for no activity or something like that. Is there a keep alive flag?

Thank you in advance

Interesting! I’m not sure what might be killing it but I’d recommend redirecting the logs to a file so you can check it out. Also note that you can get the same sort of serving with exp publish without having to run your own server (although I understand why you might want to keep it private). If in app.json you set "privacy": "unlisted" then you’ll get a similar effect – no one can search for your app but its accessible to anyone who has the URL.

Thank you for the advice, I will try to redirect the std error (nohup already redirects the log, but no error is shown).