How to run with dev mode off / does no-dev flag work?

I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue that only happens when I publish my JS bundle, so I’d like to run my app from my machine with the dev flag turned off. I thought the --no-dev flag on exp would do that. However, when I run exp start --no-dev, the “Running application “main” with appParams:” section on the commandline still shows that it’s running in the dev mode, including bits like:





 __DEV__ === true, development-level warning are ON, performance optimizations are OFF

Is this the right way to turn dev mode off, or is there another way?

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Interesting… it does work when I turn off the Development Mode flag in XDE, just not from the exp command line.

haha, so when I closed the XDE and went back to exp, then exp was stuck on dev mode being turned off. So I had to open XDE again, turn development mode on, run it, close it, and then I could go back to using dev more on exp.


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