Is there a recommended strategy for checking notification tickets?

When we are sending notifications to Expo, we receive a ticket with a status and an ID. Expo returns “OK” if it receives the notification correctly, but there can still be problems from Expo to iOS or Expo to Android. That is why we have the tickets, to fetch the receipt to check if everything went ok from Expo to iOS/Android.

For me, I often receive OK from Expo, but the receipt shows me that there has been an error:
"error","message":"The Apple Push Notification service unexpectedly dropped the connection. Retry sending the notification later.",

I am curious if there is a recommended strategy for how to check these tickets, and how to resend notifications if the receipts returns errors? Since it can take up to 30 minutes for the receipts to be ready, do I have to implement som kind of cron-job that saves all the tickets and checks every receipt if the notification was sent or not?

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