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Push notifications are a major component of my app/service, and I like Expo’s simple and direct approach to notifications very much.

But I’ve been noticing some instability when sending push notifications to iOS devices. A fairly large ammount (say, 15%) of my push notifications get tickets like:

“The Apple Push Notification service unexpectedly dropped the connection. Retry sending the notification later.”

Is this a problem with Apple or with Expo servers? Is there something we can do to improve this?

Thanks a lot! Cheers :slight_smile:


Same problem

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I think in this case we should try to send again that push message?

I think the Expo API should provide a way to re-send notifications using only the receipt ID.

If that would be too much, then the Expo API should at least return the notification parameters (device ID, title, body), because it now only returns status and nothing more. At least the device ID…!

I had to establish several routines and to create some database tables only to cope with these “APN instabilities”…

I think we should store in database message, token (as users can have few devices/tokens), ticketID that can help to resend the message that wasn’t delivered and after checking status remove from database. And run something as CRON for checking sometimes status of recipients by ticketID in this table

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