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unfortunately, my app is not allowed in the Apple Appstore since it is using third-party APIs and therefore I want to offer the IPA directly on my website. But, the generated IPA is very big with > 200mb. Is there a way to shrink this?

Or is there another way to offer the app without the Appstore?

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Outside of warranty-voiding jailbreaking/ hacking, a user can’t sideload an IPA file downloaded on the internet. They have to use the App Store.

My app uses third-party API’s as well, but it is on the App Store. Many apps use third party API’s without any complaint from Apple. I don’t recall this as something that prevents an app from being approved by Apple. Have you taken it through the review process and had it rejected?

Well at least they told me third party API were the reason for the rejection. The app is cryptocurrency related and allows the user to adjust settings on cryptocurrency exchanges. Probably that the real reason.

Yes the app was approved first and then “Removed from sales”.

There are some apps that can be downloaded outside of the App Store. An example is the Binance app (Cryptocurrency exchange):

Hi guys! Installing an app outside of the App Store is possible with Ad Hoc or Enterprise distribution. I suspect Binance uses the latter way to let the users install their app. (This Apple support article describes a process similar to what they show here.)

Unfortunately Expo does not support such ways of signing the app at the moment. However, you could always try detaching, building and signing your app yourself! :slightly_smiling_face: See “Provision iOS IPA App for In-House Enterprise Distribution” for a nice walkthrough.

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