Install ipa without Itunes

I’ve created a private app for install in some specific devices (iOS and Android), for iOS i’ve create an Ad Hoc profile and added some devices uid’s, how can install app without itunes? Can i install my app with public url like Android?

It seems you’re trying to sideload the IPA. I have not tried this but there are various articles online about how to do this sort of thing and the limitations.

The following links might be useful to you:

When referring to iOS apps, “sideloading” means installing an app in IPA format onto an Apple Device, usually through the use of a computer program such as Cydia Impactor[2], Xcode, on the actual device using a Jailbreak method or using a signing service instead of through Apple’s App Store. On modern versions of iOS, the sources of the apps must be trusted by both Apple and the user in “profiles and device management” in settings; except when using jailbreak methods of sideloading apps.

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