iOS - when Expo.Audio sound playback finishes it stops Expo.Camera audio recording

Hi there, im working with expo since 1 year now, im very happy with the possibilities it give us.
Im making right now a camera that records a “race”, so it has “3, 2, 1” countdown before starting a timer.
When i show the countdown i also play a sound using Expo.Audio, the problem im facing is that when doing this on iOS i lose the audio recording (i can hear the sound in the video until the first “bip” finishes, then silence).
So it seems like the problem is when the Expo.Audio object “finishes” playback, it stops audio recording aswell, any idea how to fix this?

Hey @bbarlocco,

Would it be possible for you to share the relevant code to this issue? It’s hard to help you debug it without being able to see any code. Ideally, if you could put a Snack together that would be awesome!



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