Camera on iOS - stopRecording intermittently doesn't cause recordAsync to complete

We’re having intermittent issues with recording video on iOS, but not with all devices. It seems to work on the latest generation iPhones, but not on older iPad (10.3.3) or iPhones. When it fails, the behavior is as follows:

start recording via recordAsync

call stopRecording. Nothing happens.

call stopRecording a second time. The promise resolves and the video is available, but it includes only the segment between the two calls to stopRecording.

Sometimes, on the first call to stopRecording, the camera preview flashes, making us think this is when the recording is actually starting.

Here’s a snack of a simple video record/playback app: iOS Camera recordAsync issue - Snack

When we go through the process of recording, then pressing “reset” (which clears the completed state info), and recording again, repeating several times, often the process fails every other time and succeeds the other times.

Hey @dbruns,

This certainly sounds like a bug. Would you mind creating an issue here Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with the Snack you linked here and all other information you deem relevant to the recording issue?



Hi @adamjnav,

This may be the same issue as

Either of these issues would seem impactful enough that you can not yet use Expo to build an IOS app that records video.

Is there an existing IOS app out there built with Expo that successfully records video? Perhaps there is a work-around that bypasses these problems.


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