iOS standalone seems not receive selected push notification

While app is closed, if user presses a notification, then app is executed and shows received notification related contents to user.
This works very well with Expo client app.
Android standalone app also works well as I expected.
Only iOS standalone app does work.

I tried both Notifications.addListener() and also props.exp.notification.

When testing, I run iOS Expo client press a notification, then Expo client invokes my app and show the notification in my app.

If I don’t run iOS Expo client before pressing a notification, upon pressing a notification, Expo client is executed but it does not invoke my app.

In case of Android, without running Android Expo client, upon pressing a notification, Expo client is executed and my app is invoked, then shows the notification related contents.

Probably, running Expo client and then pressing a notification corresponds to select notification while app is background not closed.

When iOS standalone app is running at background or foreground, it does receive notification very well via notification handler to show related contents.

I was not able to search similar issue in this forum.

Hey @herbertlim,

So you’re saying that if the app is completely closed, and you receive a notification and press it, only the Expo Client is opened, not your app? Meaning the Notification is being sent and received properly, it just won’t fully open the app? Hope I have that right.

What are you using to send the notifications? Also, what SDK version are you using, and what Expo Client version are you using?


Yes, you understood perfectly.
It only happens at iOS.
In case of standalone iOS app, my app is opened but it seems not have received notification data.

I am using SDK v32.0.0, Expo Client
I use Expo’s Push Notification API service to send notification. That is, I use Expo Push Token to send notification. I followed Push Notifications document.

Thank you Expo Team.

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Thanks for the information! If you can, please provide a snack example, at least for the case of the issue that occurs when using the app through the Expo Client.

After looking at the code/any errors in there, I might be able to also get an understanding of what’s happening in the standalone app.

Thank you.
Can snack app get Expo Push Token and receive remote push notification?
As far as I know, only real device can get Expo push token, and then receive remote push notification.

Correct, you can’t receive Push Notifications on a simulator, but you can run a snack on your own physical device, so it won’t be a problem.

Feel free to take a look at this example snack and use Expo’s Push Notification Tool to send push notifications to the test device.

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