[iOS] Push notifications not work while app is Open and Foregrounded

I literally copied and pasted the code found here:

Then I use the push notifications tool to send a test notification. If the App is NOT running, everything works as expected. When the app is open and foregrounded, I do not see the Notification listener being triggered as expected.

I also do not see props.exp.notification having the notifications while the app was closed.

Do push notifications not work within the Expo iOS app?
Does it need to be a standalone app for the app to receive notifications in app?

Related versions
expo client version:
iPhone X iOS 11.3 (physical phone, not simulator)
“expo”: “26.0.0”
Version 2.24.3 (

hi @kevincolemaninc, this is probably a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. It would be really helpful if you filed this in our github issues. https://github.com/expo/expo/issues

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