iOS Simulator IPA 1.20.0?

Hi, I was trying to download the latest iOS Simulator IPA that supports Expo SDK 20 but it doesn’t seem to be linked on the website Have you made a downloadable build available for it already? Thanks!

Are you just trying to install it on your local simulator? Running exp install:ios will install the latest Expo client on the iOS simulator.

Unfortunately it looks like our documentation doesn’t show this (, but this info can be found by running exp --help.

Hi @davepack, not quite. It is to install the app on the simulator but through the detox runner like
this example by @notbrent The app number confused me, I didn’t realise it 1.19.0 contained the SDK 20! However, I then saw that the installer you mentioned was downloading and caching the app in ~/.expo :slight_smile: so if anything I could’ve gotten it from there. Thanks!

Ah that makes sense. It is confusing, sorry about that! Glad you were able to figure it out :slight_smile:

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