Can anyone share with me Expo Client for IOS version?

Hi guys,

Appreciated if anybody here can share with me Expo Client for IOS version 2.19.6 installer (support SDK38). I accidentally upgraded to version 2.21.3 and no longer able to test on my APP now.

I will going to upgrade it after 2months time after getting approval from my boss… hopefully anyone here can help on it… thx

If you run expo client:install:ios from your SDK 38 project directory, it will automatically install a compatible version of Expo Go onto your simulator

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Hi @charliecruzan good day… I want test it in real device…so looking for expo client IOS installer.

Unfortunately you can’t install older version of Expo Go onto your physical device, unless you use the custom Expo Go client: Custom Expo Go builds - Expo Documentation (this feature is no longer supported after SDK 40)

TestFlight is another option to distribute your application to iOS devices. TestFlight also requires a paid Apple Developer account, but allows you to share your application with up to 10,000 users that can be invited with their email or a public link.

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