iOS Push Notification Error: Failed to generate token: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line

Hi all,

I have successfully published my app on the playstore and appstore.
For Android, the push notification is working fine, but for iOS i’m encountering this error when i use to check on my notification receipt status.

I have checked my iOS certs using expo fetch:ios:certs command and everything looks okay.

This push certificate has been used previously in my ionic project without any issues (Migrated from ionic to expo)

Any ideas/advices are welcomed! Thanks!

Solved, used p12 instead of p8 key

1)create a p8 key
2)delete provisoning profile “(Your App Name) AppStore” in ur apple developer account (if not expo cli will throw error when trying to generate provisioning profile)
3)expo build:ios --clear-credentials
4) all set the let expo handle except for push notifications key

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Glad you found the fix @stingray91!

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