Push notification failed receipt

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36.0.0
  2. IOS

We upload the right distribution p12 also we upload the aps.p12 for the push notification service key.
And then we upload the provision.mobile created with distribution.p12.

Currently expo describe so our credential:

Application credentials

Provisioning profile is missing. It will be generated during the next build
Apple Team ID: XXXXXX, Apple Team Name: YYYYY

Provisioning profile is missing. It will be generated during the next build
Apple Team ID: ZZZZZZ, Apple Team Name: ---------

User credentials

Push Notifications Key - Key ID: ZZZZZZZZ
Apple Team ID: XXXXXX, Apple Team Name: ---------
used by

Distribution Certificate - Certificate ID: -----
Apple Team ID: MMMMMMMM, Apple Team Name: ---------
used by

Below the build creation process:
? Path to P12 file: mypath\idistribution.p12
? P12 password: [hidden]
Please provide your Apple Push Notifications service key:
? Path to P8 file: mypath\aps.p12
Please provide your Apple Provisioning Profile:
? Path to .mobile provisioning profile: mypath.mobileprovision

Build OK!

check the receipt:

{“data”:{“635c4748-44a3-472f-bef6-6238c11f9e48”:{“status”:“error”,“message”:“The Apple Push Notification service key for your account could not be loaded, likely due to a malformed p8 file. Expo needs a valid PEM key in order to deliver notifications to APNs.”,“details”:{“error”:“InvalidCredentials”,“sentAt”:1578835410},"__debug":{“internalError”:“Failed to generate token: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line”}}}}

Plese let me know.

Is it possible that that the p8 file is malforned or incorrect? That’s what the error message seems to indicate. You might try re-uploading a new APN key

Hi charlie,
I downloaded the apn directly from apple developer program as .p8
No change or conversion has been done.
I use the keyid written in APNS screenshoot.

I Read that a lot of users had this kind of problem.
But any solution is correct.
Someone suggest to use a p12 instead a p.8 but not work.

Then i retry using the authkey .p8 and not work.
How expo team help me to solve this ?

Best regards.

Maybe Solved with new cli 3.11.7

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