[iOS EAS Build] Failing with workspace error

I’m trying to build the iOS app via EAS CLI, but I’m no getting the following error.

[!] Please close any current Xcode sessions and use ****reactnative.xcworkspace for this project from now on. 102 [!] An error occurred while processing the post-integrate hook of the Podfile. 103 104 undefined method expo_patch_react_imports!' for #Pod::Podfile:0x00007feae2c934a0

and at the bottom

[stderr] [!] <PBXResourcesBuildPhase UUID= 13B07F8E1A680F5B00A75B9A > attempted to initialize an object with an unknown UUID. 6CC80D02CF384F6F8196D1F0 for attribute: files . This can be the result of a merge and the unknown UUID is being discarded. 124 pod exited with non-zero code: 1

Any idea why this is happening from one build to another?
I also tried to run the build with --clear-cache.
I added a cache key to the eas.json.
I also removed the project from expo and run the build again.

Latest CLI version: 0.42.4 on macOS
Managed Workflow

I managed to fix this by running some combination of expo doctor, expo update, and npm update. I think the solution was upgrading Expo SDK from 44.0.0 to 44.0.1 (just released).

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Oh I missed the 44.0.1 upgrade - thx, I’ll try this out.

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