IOS Development Certificate


As far as I have been able to find out, expo does not offer the option of creating an IOS application, using a development type certificate which, by the way, seems very strange to me. If this is correct, is there any intention to allow it in the future?

Hey @ocascante,

You are correct. As of now we have no concrete plans in place to support development builds.


First of all, thank you for answering my question. So, in case of wanting to try an app without putting it in the app store, would I have to use an ad-hoc certificate?

Any Updates regarding this?
Using the Expo app is great! Its very useful and quick to develop on.
However when it comes to confidence in the final release of the app I think it would be very useful to see a working .ipa file generated from the expo build:ios.

@ccheever @adamjnav. I saw your names pop up a few time regarding this topic…Any updates or behind the scenes developments at Expo which might help this?

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exist a way to publish through other method than the store?