Build:ios with Development Certificate

When I do build:ios and I choose the Option “I want to upload my own keystore!”
—> is it possible to upload a “iOS Development”-certificate? At the moment it seems, that it is only possible to use “iOS Distribution”-certificate?


Hi @anil_from_the_alps! Did you manage to clarify this? I have the same question - is it possible to build expo standalone app with a Development Type Certificate?

When I try to use Development Certificate I see errors:

✔ Path to P12 file: … ***********
✔ P12 password: … ***********
✔ Apple Team ID: … ***********
Unable to access certificate serial number.
Make sure that certificate and password are correct.
Error: _getCertData: couldn't find cert bag
Unable to validate distribution certificate due to insufficient Apple Credentials
Failed to set up Distribution Certificate
Failed to prepare all credentials.

I also have the same question. I need this to upload the ipa with development certificate to AWS device farm. Is there a possibility?