iOs build with white screen

Hi. I’m trying to build an application for iOs, I followed all the steps from the expo documentation, but my problem is when the app is installed, the screen remains as in the image.

If I try to run on XCode, this is the result:

Something weird is that the file size is only 3,2MB, but when I create a build for Android, the size is more than 30MB. There is some extra configuration that I should add to have a functional build?

I could finally solve the problem after trying some things!

How did you fix the problem?

I did a lot of changes, but I think that the final solution was to add this into app.json:

"runtimeVersion": {
  "policy": "sdkVersion"

If you are not a react native method, you are an expo method just install dependencies expo-splash-screen, it will not show a white screen once IOS is built.

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